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Your Favorite Celebrities Got Campy and Kooky at the Met Gala on Instagram

Celebrities got to let their freak flags fly just a little bit higher last night at the Met Gala 2019, thanks to this year’s theme: “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” Inspired by Susan Sontag’s legendary essay on the subject, they were tasked with encompassing all things excessive, over-the-top, kooky, kinky, and—most importantly—witty. Rather than the self-seriousness one might fight on a typical red carpet, the pink carpet provided an opportunity for guests to use their intensely crafted looks to poke fun at the reverence around high fashion and culture—and even themselves. And the most fun they had in doing so was on Vogue’s Instagram.

Director Bardia Zeinali envisioned the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the varied sets of a beloved camp film classic, starring your favorite celebs, and they were happily ready for their close-ups. See if you can spot homages to iconic cinematic moments (from Death Becomes Her, Clue, and more) and other deliciously outrageous tropes from a century of camp on film. From Celine Dion’s nod to the Criminologist from Rocky Horror to a freakout from Gala cochair Lady Gaga, to a sweet tango between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and an appearance from camp queen Bette Midler, we’re gagging, we’re screaming, we’re literally dead. (Just kidding, we’re exaggerating, but that’s the Internet for you—and camp!)